The Mind Factory

What they do

The Mind Factory is a State-of-the-art, wireless, multi-player, free-roam VR gaming experience, where Two or three players are simultaneously in one virtual environment Full immersion with wireless headsets and body tracking. Move freely around our 50sq. metre play area and the virtual world. Astounding experiences which get your heart pumping and guarantee huge smiles!

What we did

The Mind Factory team approached Hummingbird Video to help them make some promotional content to launch their business. VR is all about immersion and we felt it was important to get instant players feedback! So we decided a Vox Pop video would be the most effective style of video.

Take the first step.

Video professionals have the experience to transform your ideas into workable solutions. They understand the pitfalls and best practices when it comes to making creative content.

Take the first step.

Professional video production services have the experience of bringing in products on time and on budget. They understand the pitfalls and the best practices involved in making creative content.