What they do

A peat free, 100% natural, family run compost business operating at Cattlegate farm, in Enfield. Incorporated in 2011, Equigrow has access to 2000 acres of land which is shared with the UK’s and Northern Europe’s biggest herb production company. A leader of fertilization, Equigrow has risen through the ranks and become a widely popular choice for keen gardeners and bulk buyers for commercial use. 

What we did

Equigrow were having a website refresh and they wanted some video content to help educate their customers on the correct use of their products.

Take the first step.

Video professionals have the experience to transform your ideas into workable solutions. They understand the pitfalls and best practices when it comes to making creative content.

Take the first step.

Professional video production services have the experience of bringing in products on time and on budget. They understand the pitfalls and the best practices involved in making creative content.